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The Congress of Independent Unions was established in 1958 and is properly registered with the U.S. Department of Labor and recognized as a bonified labor organization by the National Labor Relations Board.

Not to be confused with imitators, we are the originators of our unique concept of union representation.


Affiliation with the C.I.U. offers aid to Independent Unions which is not available elsewhere and helps such Unions keep their autonomy.

We have found that the AFL-CIO Building Trades and other knock off organizations that are merely disaffiliates employ the same restrictive methods imposing work rules on contractors that make it impossible for them to exist.  Therefore, we offer Membership-At Large to the construction trades and a contract with reasonable work rules which allows contractors to remain competitive and provide stable employment for their employees.  C.I.U. Contractors are not confined to specific geographical areas or craft jurisdictional lines.


The C.I.U. does not have a Hiring Hall.  Unemployment is not a problem with C.I.U. members as a majority of them work for the same contractor on a permanent basis.  However, if a member is laid off, we will attempt to find employment for him with another C.I.U. Contractor.  We also assist our members and their employers to obtain additional and better work.  Furthermore, we assist our members and their employers through the auspices of the National Labor Relations Board if necessary.


Initiation fees and dues vary as per industry; however, we strive to keep them affordable and certainly more conservative than our competitors.

The C.I.U. enjoys a diversified membership and represents employees nationwide in all industries.